Welcome to TiddlyHoster!

TiddlyHoster is a service for storing and managing your tiddlers on the web. Tiddlers are small bundles of content originally found in TiddlyWiki. They can be used on their own, assembled into complex documents, managed here on Hoster, and viewed and used in a TiddlyWiki.

Hoster provides tools for grouping your tiddlers in containers called bags. Each bag can have its own set of access controls, called a policy. Bags can be combined in recipes to build custom collections of tiddlers for different purposes.

Hoster allows you to access your tiddlers with a TiddlyWiki which syncs with the server, or you can access them directly with a web browser or other web capable tools. Build web applications, data and content repositories, to do lists, dynamic web pages, whatever you like, using tiddlers, TiddlyWeb and TiddlyHoster as the storage medium.

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